Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everyday I train, I feel blessed to be able to train.  The gym, the equipment, the programing, the dedication and motivation that I still encounter every day, my bodies ability to keep getting stronger and more conditioned.  I feel that every day my training (CrossFit) teaches me a lesson.  Jade was kind enough to purchase the gym new training tools, something that he does often.  We are very lucky at CVCF.  The new tool, the Assault Bike.  The Assault Bike is like an Air Dyne on steroids.  This week's programming has included a lot of "mental" WOD's.  What I mean by this is, the WOD's were the type of WOD's that you had to get work done in a certain time or you couldn't move on.  You had to get your hands on the bar and GO, you couldn't think.  These are great WOD's for me.  Today, this was my task: 

Assault Bike: 5 minute easy spin to warm-up. Then record max time at 300 watts. Rest 5 minutes. 15 minutes at 180 watts.

Most of my training is done by myself, today was the same.  I tried to find someone to do this with me, but it was in between classes.  Jade was busy on the computer and Hawks was passed out.  I had no idea what a good time for this would be.  I went into the back room by myself, put in my headphones and went into another planet.  This is something I'm getting very good at doing.  I was 30 second's in and thought I was going to die.  I had a time frame in mind, but at 1:30 in I wasn't sure I could make it.  I kept the watts at 302, focused on my breathing and zoning out into the orange wall.  A few minutes later, I couldn't get the watts back to 302, they kept sitting at 288.  I tried hard, but couldn't.  As I tried to get off the bike, my legs wouldn't hold me up.  I collapsed to the ground.  On the ground, feeling like I was having a heart attack, I couldn't believe I only had 5 minutes to recover from this and than had to sit on the bike again.  I did it and kept pace.  Today, I learned that anything is possible.  I learned, I can recover from anything and continue to push hard.  

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